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WE provide reliable power solutions
for homes and businesses using
solar energy technologies.

Go Solar with ANSA Solar

Going Solar is one of the best decisions you will make to meet your power needs. Either for your home or business,
ANSA Solar will help you solve your power problems in the most cost effective way.

Solar Helps You


When you install a solar system from us, you get to save money on diesel or petrol fuelling.


You enjoy 24/7 reliable electricity for your home or business when you switch to ANSA Solar.

live hEALTHY

Solar systems from ANSA Power do not make noise and fumes. You enjoy life better.


We help you design a solar system system that is within budget, yet meets your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about solar

Yes you can afford solar. We have solar products and services that will always meet your needs. ANSA Solar will provide you with budget friendly solar solution.

ZERO Naira. After we install your solar system, all that it takes is to clean the panels in dusty and dry seasons.

The answer is yes and very easy, all you need to do is to call us. And come to help you uninstall it, then take it to your present place to install for you.

Our solar panels have up to 25 years life span, Charge controller: 2-3 years life span, Inverter: 5-7 years life span, Battery: 3-5 years life span.

Ansasolar makes 24/7 electricity in your house becomes a reality by providing you a turnkey service with a system custom designed to suit your energy needs and provide free maintenance and telephone support services round the clock to ensure you have uninterrupted solar power supply. We are NOT just another solar installation company – we provide you a new lifestyle!

Every solar component you buy from us comes with a warranty !